About Alex

Word Nerd. Outdoor Enthusiast. Pop Culture Fanatic. Obi Wan Forever.

BUSINESS IN THE FRONT: Experienced digital marketing manager with extensive experience building, maintaining, and running successful digital marketing campaigns. Bringing forth broad marketing knowledge, coupled with focused campaign experience. Adept at creating and implementing client-centered, successful campaigns, aimed at improving brand awareness and presence. Collaborative and creative manager accomplished at managing and creating digital marketing content. Experienced in leading teams of marketing professionals to meet and exceed digital marketing goals.

PARTY IN THE BACK: By day Alex is a Digital Marketing Manager, and by night a writer of swoon-worthy books. With nearly ten years of writing experience, she has published six novels, including the Tryst Series with Penguin Random House.

A pop culture fanatic, cemetery creeper, and self-proclaimed nerd, she’s always following her favorite fandoms, the latest foodie finds, or picking her next city excursion or outdoor undertaking.

Check Out My Travel Blog: alexgoesoutside.com

Her obsessions are on the brink of bizarre, but that’s just the way she likes it.

No Risk. No Magic.